About Agriobs

Agriobs is a newsletter blog for agronomists and farmers that want to improve their business with satellite imagery.

About the author

Hello, I am Ben Boughton, a grain farmer at Moree, NSW, Australia where we grow crops such as wheat, barley, chickpeas and sorghum.

In 2014 I completed a GRDC sponsored Nuffield Scholarship to investigate how drones could be used in the grains industry.

Shortly after I started a small but profitable satellite imagery company targeted mostly at farmers called Satamap which I sold to PCT Agcloud.

I enjoy building software and working with remote sensing technologies.

Now I operate independently writing short articles helping agronomists and farmers level up their businesses with satellite imagery. I believe we are still early in this satellite space and there is a huge amount of value to be realised.

Agriobs aims to be the resource that helps agronomists and farmers become educated, informed and interested in satellite imagery.

Please reach out to me on Twitter or by email ben@agriobs.com.

I also have degree in Agricultural Science at UQ (2008) and grad certificate in GIS at Curtin but tertiary education is probably not the headliner it once was.