Frequently Asked Questions

It’s kinda both. At the moment we use what’s called a Progressive Web App (PWA). This can be installed on all types of devices. It feels like your just adding a link to the home screen but it’s actually installing the app to your device. We are currently working on an app for the iOS store.

No, but there’s an alternative. We offer a 40 day guarantee. If you register and pay, then decide within 40 days you don’t want it you will get a full refund. 

Hi – I’m Ben Boughton, a grain farmer at Moree, NSW, Australia. I have been involved in other software before and not a stranger to satellite imagery in agriculture. I also have one or more other people helping out.

Agriobs Pty Ltd is an Australian completely self funded by the founders. We have taken no funding from government, incubators, corporates etc.

No, not yet anyhow. Soon you will be able to export the data and we will put up guides for making VRA maps using that data. This will probably be a feature but will need to research how to best do this.